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Hey there thrill seeker! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve found yourself in Dr Slot’s mobile casino, a world of free spins, exclusive slots games and huge no deposit required bonuses!

It’s fabled that the good Dr that runs things around here lost his mind when a scientific experiment involving a fruit machine went awry. Don’t worry though, he’s not lost any of the traits that made him one of the most popular scientists of his time; he’s still a pretty good friend to have.

To prove this point, every new visitor through his door gets up to 20 free spins as soon as they register, without having to deposit a single penny! As if that no deposit bonus isn’t enough, depositing players can bag themselves 10 days of free spins – totalling up to 100 free spins – and a massive welcome bonus of up to £1000! We told you he’s a pretty good guy to make friends with.*

You’ve joined us at just the right time, Dr Slot’s looking for companions, for bold and brave nomads who are as comfortable gorging on sweet treats in Jackpot Jello as they are sailing the seven seas in Gulliver’s Reels.

You see, as part of his continued tinkering with slots machines, Dr Slot is sticking it to the same old online slots, one game at a time.

He’s packed this place full of thrills in exclusive reels, with no deposit bonuses and unique chances to bag a big casino win with his unparalleled prizes of progressive Jackpots.

So, fun lover, are you ready to take up the Dr’s gauntlet? To explore the jungle in Birds on a Win Line by day and a Karate Kash master by night? To battle Reel Monsters after brunch, before trying your hand as a Lumberjack over coffee and cake?

It’s worth stating, this isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart. The same old recycled games have spread far and wide through the casinoverse, their unrelenting repetition plaguing the experience of the online casino goer day after day. Don’t worry though, with the help of Dr Slot, you’ll get through it and you’ll find a world of slots experiences and table games you didn’t think possible, all at a mobile casino that offers up to £1000 & up to 120 free spins welcome package!*

*T&Cs apply.

The task of tackling the same old slots will take a player with real resolve, but Dr Slot reckons you’re made of the right stuff, that’s why he wants to offer you a no deposit welcome bonus of up to 20 free spins, just for joining him on his exclusive slots quest.*

That’s right, those free spins will be added to your arsenal without you even having to deposit, meaning you can trial the Dr’s selection of exclusive slots without ponying up a single penny!

These no deposit free spins are locked to Fire and Gold. Feel the heat as you dive into depths of the mountain of riches! Featuring 2 fiery multiplier mini-games and a massive progressive Jackpot, this game is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of Dr Slot.

These no deposit free spins are only the beginning of Dr Slot loading up his players with the right equipment to overthrow the same old casino experience. After you’ve made your first deposit you’ll unlock up to 100 free spins and could land up to £1000 in a grand total of five deposit boosts.* Here’s how it works:

  1. Make your first deposit over £10 and you’ll start 10 days of 10 free spins, totalling up to 100 free spins. You’ll also get up to 300% deposit bonus, worth up to £50
  2. Your second deposit will be matched up to 200% up to £100
  3. Your third deposit will be matched by up to 100%, giving a bonus worth up to £200
  4. Your fourth deposit will receive another up to 100% match, again giving a bonus worth up to £200
  5. Deposit boosts last all the way through to your fifth deposit, when you’ll receive up to 50% match, giving a bonus worth up to a whopping £450!

So, what’re you waiting for? Activate your up to 120 free spins and get up to £1000 in bonuses by registering and depositing today.* Go forth and enjoy a casino experience you simply won’t find anywhere else, remember that means you’ll be playing for massive progressive Jackpots that you won’t win anywhere else.

*T&Cs apply.

During his tinkering with fruit machines Dr Slot found his calling, he saw recycled slots spreading far and wide, the lack of choice, the restrictive wagering requirements, the sheer lack of companionship between casinos and their all-important players.

He knew then what he must do and, after splicing exciting reels with fun themes and multiplier mini-games, found the antidote to tedium; exclusive slots!

He got to work building fun and fair themed slots adventures for his hearty companions, his band of disenfranchised casino players, his friends and confidantes.

Now he’s so proud of the exclusive slots that he’s making more, in fact in true mad scientist fashion he’s put production into overdrive, meaning those joining him on this journey of discovery will be able to get their teeth into something fresh all year round.

Dr Slot knows that, despite being his namesake, mobile slots aren’t the only thing his players need for sustenance, they need a plethora of bonuses and deposit boosts.

That’s why, complimenting regular releases of exclusive slots will be an array of offers; after all, we’re on the same team here. Dr Slot wants to boost your xp as much as possible, he needs strong and active players if we’re going to smash the humdrum system together.

So, casino traveller, are you ready to become part of the fight for the disenfranchised? To add your voice to the voiceless and shout out against the same old slots? The Dr’s ready and waiting, all he needs is those seeking to push the turbo button on entertainment and dive into an all new casino experience, featuring thrills and reels not found in any other corner of the casinoverse.

Of course an adventure isn’t really an adventure without a gang. A solo spinner’s good, but a troupe of travellers is even better.

That’s why we’re all about community here. The banality of boredom is a mighty foe, snapping at our heels at every turn, that’s why we must band together to hound humdrum from our casino lives once and for all.

Our community adventures start overseas in the fair kingdom of Facebook. It is there that weary travellers can rest their fingers between spins and compete in mighty competitions for stock, supplies, and – primarily – free spins.

Over at our safe harbour of Facebook, players can swap their stories of success when tackling Dr Slot’s exclusive slots, plus the man himself will be giving away hundreds of free spins every single week through fun themed prize draws, exclusive to Dr Slot players!

Fun is better with friends, that’s why Dr Slot adds to his generous welcome deposit boost and free spins with a refer a friend offer that sees you bagging bonuses with every new recruit that you help enlist to the ranks of players that want something more, something exclusive, from their online casino.

Helping your friends discover a brand new casino experience couldn’t be easier, and for every bold new settler you refer, you’ll grab up to £7 free bonus, added directly into your casino credit, plus you’ll get an additional bonus worth up to £50, as you’ll get a bonus that’s equivalent to 50% of their first deposit.*

All the while, they’ll get access to a whole new casino experience with access to Dr Slot’s welcome offer worth up to £1000 and up to 120 free spins.*

*T&Cs apply.

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Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-027