Dr Slot’s Flock: 6 awesome bird facts you never knew

Dr Slot’s Flock: 6 awesome bird facts you never knew

Published: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 by DrSlot

As you know, Dr Slot has been an avid bird collector for some time. Between the owls, storks, hummingbirds and robins on Birds on a Winline, and the multitude of penguins in Pengwinners, he has become quite noticed in the bird-lover world! But what do you really know about these feathered friends? Why not take a read below…

We see you, EYEBALLIN’ the Dr Slot games…

…Just like an ostrich! Did you know that ostriches have the largest eyes of any land-dwelling animal? And not to mention, those eyeballs actually happen to be bigger than their brain! With their eyes measuring in at a whopping 2 inches in diameter, this brings a whole new perspective to the phrase bird brain!

Maybe you’re just HUNGRY for a new Dr Slot game…

…Because a little bird tells us one is on the way preeeetttyyy soon. Perhaps you’ll devour that game whole, just like an owl does? From insects to mice, these are swallowed whole by Harry Potter’s faithful pet. However, larger prey has to be torn up by those powerful talons to make bite-size pieces. They’re not a fluffy as they look…

Sleep with one eye open…

…Just like a duck, if you’d rather be safe than sorry! Or to be more accurate, a duck on guard duty at the perimeter of its flock. While these ducks are still totally asleep, one side of their brain remains alert, meaning that even as they doze, if anything comes a-sneakin’, they’ll wake up. Don’t worry though, we’re sure these little ducks take it in turns, so rest assured that half the duck population isn’t exhausted!

Want to weigh in?

Well, Dr Slot is busy weighing hummingbirds at the moment, sorry! Did you know most hummingbirds weigh in at less than 10g (that’s around 0.4oz for the old-school)? The bee hummingbird is at the bottom of the weight-chain at an average mass of 2.6g, with the ambitiously named giant hummingbird weighing in at a massive (for hummingbirds!) 200g (around 0.5lbs). The average hummingbird seems to weigh in at roughly 4g – no wonder they can move so quickly!

Dr Slot is the talk of the town…

… And with parrots able to learn between 50-100 words, they’ll be talking around town, too! Some African grey parrots have even been known to learn more than a hundred words, so watch what you say around those feather-heads. It wouldn’t do to have your secrets chirped around the office now, would it?

And if you happen to get busted, why not…

… Camouflage like a penguin underwater? While penguins are easy to see on land, underwater their black and white colouring makes them all but invisible to both predators and prey! Who knew? It’s a good job that there aren’t many penguin-loving land predators around, isn’t it? Good job penguins!

While penguins and hummingbirds may be hard-to-spot, why not see if you can spy them in Dr Slot’s mobile slot games, Pengwinners and Birds on a Winline?

Got any birds you haven’t seen on our games yet? Let us know on Facebook!

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