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As part of his ever growing quest to push the boundaries of what makes a good online casino, Dr Slot offers players a convenient and secure method – pay by phone bill, to take part of his crusade against cumbersome casino experiences.

To make challenging the status quo as simple as possible Dr Slot allows player to deposit funds to their online casino accounts using their mobile phone bill.

Dr Slot Pay by Phone Bill Step 4: Voila! You are Ready to Play!

Innovative Deposit Methods

Breaking up the monotony in the casinoverse is no easy feat, to make it as easy as possible to explore a whole new world of exclusive online slots and roulette games, Dr Slot is one of the few online casinos that welcomes innovative deposit methods.

That includes depositing from your phone bill, which means no messing around with your bank cards, no logging in to other payment methods; depositing is as simple as tap, tap, spin.

You can deposit £3 or more, from your mobile phone bill by tapping the ‘Phone Bill’ option from the in-game deposit menu, or from within the Dr Slot game lobby, and from there you can choose to deposit £5, deposit £10 or more! Once you’ve selected your deposit amount and confirmed your selection, your account will be credited immediately and you’ll receive an SMS confirmation.

Benefits of Paying by Your Phone Bill for Mobile Slots

What’s not to like about depositing using your phone bill? It’s quick, convenient, safe and secure! What could be easier than depositing with the very device that you’re using to enjoy your one of a kind online casino experience at Dr Slot?

Forget checking over your bank card details, stop scanning over your login information for an online payment service, simply decide how much you’d like to deposit and it’ll be credited to your account immediately!

There’s safety in those mobile numbers, as every mobile phone bill deposit will be confirmed via SMS, so you always know how much you’re spending. Furthermore, the same best-in-class encryption method used for other payment options is applied to our mobile phone bill payments, meaning both your funds and your personal details are completely safe and secure.

Dr Slot Responsible Mobile Phone Bill Deposits

Dr Slot’s a special guy, even if his experiments with fruit machines may have sent him a little funny. He’s proud of the exclusive slots he’s spliced together, which you won’t find anywhere else, as well as his huge, low wagering, casino welcome bonus, which is amongst the highest in the entire industry.

But much more than this, he prides himself on the partnerships he forms with his players. The casinoverse is rife with a disconnect between casinos and their players and Dr Slot wants to fight that.

That’s why he prides himself on his responsible gambling measures, which ensure that when his player’s stop having fun, they stop playing. Pay by phone bill is an important facet of this commitment to responsible gambling, as players can keep in complete control of their deposits, tacking their payments at every step.

First players must confirm their deposit amount, before verifying their deposit and finally receiving a confirmation SMS clarifying how much has been deposited using their phone bill. You’ll always get this SMS, so you’ll always have a direct record of your phone bill deposits.

It’s important to remember that, as part of the phone bill payment system employed by Dr Slot, phone bill deposits are limited to £30 a day.

It’s also important to point out that we’ll need to see proof that phone bill deposits have been paid in full before any associated winnings can be withdrawn; after all when you deposit by phone bill you’re playing with credit.

Our commitments to both responsible gambling and the phone networks that cover the cost of player deposits mean that we need to see proof that this credit has been paid and settled in full before winnings can be released!

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