Who Will be the Next James bond? Dr Slot’s Ultimate Guide.

Who Will be the Next James bond? Dr Slot’s Ultimate Guide.

Published: Fri, 24 May 2019 by DrSlot

Dr Slot has initiated Operation Wilds! His newest slot game is inspired by the super spies you see in blockbuster movies, and none are bigger than the original suave agent, James Bond. But the current 007 is coming to the end of his sharp-shooting stint, so we wonder: who will be the next James Bond?

There’s rumours, tips and betting odds aplenty swirling around the internet about a whole host of actors that could be next to put on the tuxedo. How to make sense of it all? Don’t worry, Dr Slot is here to help with his ultimate guide to who could be the next James Bond. Cue the theme tune.

Tom Hardy

Oh yes, Tom Hardy has been reportedly a bookies’ favourite for a while! He’s played similar action-y roles with brooding male leads in films like Warrior and Mad Max and has perhaps flexed his acting muscles more than most with versatile roles as villain and hero. Dr Slot just wonders if Tom Hardy has become a little too high-profile as the next pick for Bond. While he could no doubt do it, casters might steer clear of an actor already synonymous with other recurring roles – Venom 2? We wonder if he would make a better villain than 007 himself… Dr Slot’s giving him a Bond recommendation of 7/10.

Henry Cavill

Cavill ticks all the boxes for a classic Bond silhouette – clean-cut, handsome, and gentlemanly. Plus, he’s proved he looks good in a suit. But while some people point to his spy role in The Man from UNCLE, we wonder if his time squeezing into the red pants of Superman has damaged his chances for such a big role as Bond. There have been rumours of him leaving the superhero role for good, but it might be too little too late with Daniel Craig expected to finish as Bond after the next film. Bond recommendation: 6/10.

Idris Elba

People like Idris Elba. It’s a fact. But he’s got a lot more going for him than just a strong fan following when it comes to gunning for that coveted tux. Elba has dropped plenty of hints in the past that he would be interested in the role, including his not-so-cryptic tweet in 2018 featuring the phrase: “the name’s Elba, Idris Elba”. If not a hint at the truth, it’s a great piece of self-promotion. Public pressure for a different Bond away from the current white male depiction might be in his favour too, but Elba is simply a forerunner in his own right. Dr Slot’s Bond recommendation? 9/10.

Richard Madden

Forgotten who he is already? Madden was the star of the BBC’s uber-successful drama, Bodyguard in 2018. So, Madden has proved he can excel at facing impossible odds. And he might just be the right level or famous to appeal to the Bond bosses. He might need to brush up a bit before slipping into the tux, though. Unless they fancy a more rugged re-imagining of Bond… 8/10

Gillian Anderson

If you’re going to reimagine Bond, who’s to say the next actor has to be a man? There’s an enormous list of potential female candidates, but Gillian Anderson has recently taken the limelight as a fan favourite for turning the leading man into a leading woman. Dr Slot would love to see her refreshing take on Bond, particularly after young Bond writer, Anthony Horowitz spoke out in favour of the super spy role being gender neutral. James has even been used as a girl’s name recently… Dr Slot’s recommendation comes in at a solid 007/10.

And that wraps up Dr Slot’s guide to the front runners in the race to driver’s seat of that coveted Aston Martin. Do you agree with Dr Slot’s choice? Who would you like to see wearing the tux – are they even on the list? Let us know on Facebook!

And while we wait for the powers that be to make up their mind, keep the spy excitement going in Dr Slot’s latest game, Operation Wilds!

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