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Titanic Wins


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Titanic Wins Mobile Slots

We always knew that Dr Slot was a pretty smart guy, but now it looks like he’s added time travel to his list of successful mobile slots experiments! For his very first trip back in time, he’s transported us to 10th April 1912, just as the famous unsinkable ship is about to set sail across the Atlantic. Welcome, to Titanic Wins mobile slots.

We’ve checked the shipping forecast, and it looks like there’s nothing but calm waters, blue skies, and only an average chance of icebergs ahead of us. Sounds like smooth sailing to us, what’s the worst that could happen?

This boatally awesome mobile slots game is 100% exclusive to Dr Slot Casino. It features 15 watery win lines, a huge progressive Jackpot and two seafaring mini-games, full of chances to win boat-loads of multipliers. Can you help Dr Slot keep the ship afloat? Will you sail away with a Titanic win? There’s only one way to find out!

Titanic Wins Mobile Slots Index

Getting Started with Titanic Wins

It’s all hands on deck so grab your lifejacket and jump on board. This ship is about to set sail.

Learning to play Titanic Wins is much easier than becoming the Captain of a ship. In fact, all you need to do to set your course is tap the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to adjust your bet-per-line and the number of win lines you want to play on. This will automatically change the amount displayed in your ‘total bet’ box.

This figure is calculated by multiplying your bet-per-line by the number of active win lines. For instance, a bet 50p a line on all 15 win lines would cost you £7.50 a spin and so on. Bets start from 2p a line, and increase to a maximum of £20 per line.

You may need both hands to carefully clamber into the lifeboats, which is why Dr Slot added a handy ‘Auto Spin’ function. Set both the number of spins – and your chosen credit limit, before tapping the ‘Start’ wheel. The reels will then spin automatically. You can take back control at any time, by tapping ‘Stop’.

How to Play Titanic Wins

When you’re happy with your play settings, grab hold of the wheel and tap ‘Spin’ to play!

Dr Slot’s win lines always pay from port to starboard – that’s left to right for any non-nautical types out there! Matching up certain combinations of our numbered symbols or esteemed guest symbols will give you a titanic win. Just how many you need, depends on the symbol with some paying out with 2+ and others with a 3+ combination.

If all goes swimmingly and you land a win on the reels, that’s swell! We’ll highlight it on the screen and because we don’t want you having to worry about collecting your cash in case of capsizing, we’ll add it to your credit automatically.

Reel Wins

There are some titanic multipliers of your original bet-per-line up for grabs, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Tap the ‘i’ icon and view the in-game paytable to find out all about them, and the symbols you need to line up in order to win them.

When you win across more than one active win line, those wins will be added together before landing in your prize pot. We don’t want you to give you that sinking feeling, but only the highest win per line will be paid.

Wild Symbols

Spotting an iceberg ahead isn’t normally what you want to see when you’re sailing the seven seas, however in Titanic Wins it’s actually a good thing if one crosses your path. That’s because it’s a Wild symbol, and Wilds will substitute for any other symbol on an active win line, apart from mini-game and Free Spins symbols.

For example, if you line up two of our musical maestro symbols and an iceberg Wild, the Wild will serve as a member of the orchestra and give you a multiplier worth three of the same! Don’t feel washed up, but the progressive Jackpot cannot be won when a Wild replaces a Jackpot gem symbol.

Sink or Win & Lucky Lifeboat Mini-Games

Titanic Wins mobile slots features two terrific mini-games, both of which involve helping Dr Slot with a tricky situation! Something has definitely gone awry on this voyage, and only you can save everyone!

First up, there’s Sink or Win which is activated with two or more ship symbols on an active win line. The aim of this mini-game is to help Daisy escape the rising tide and make it to a lifeboat before it’s too late. Press ‘Spin’ to move her up the ship’s deck, collecting multipliers that increase in size as she goes.

Daisy gets a head-start on the ocean, with two spins from the off. Then, the tide turns and you have to spin as the ocean. Again, press ‘Spin’ to see how many places up the deck the sea rises. If the ocean reaches or overtakes Daisy, you collect your current win and return to the main reels.

The second mini-game is Lucky Lifeboat. This game is activated with two or more gold-filled lifeboat symbols on an active win line. Here, you’re faced with three lifeboats trying to make it to safety. How many passengers can you get to the bottom?

Press ‘Spin’ to spin the wheels and all three will spin in and come to a stop automatically. Land on a green section to lower the respective boat towards the water, keeping the mini-game going. Land on a red and that boat will grind to a halt and can no longer be lowered.

The mini-game ends either when all three boats have stopped or reached the bottom of the rope. You’ll then collect the last multiplier you landed on for each rope.

Bonus Free Spins

As well as helping The Good Ship Dr Slot stay on course, the Compass symbol could also point you in the direction of something great – free spins! Lining up 3, 4 or 5 Compass symbols will award you 5, 7 or 9 free spins respectively.

And because these are part of your package when you sail with Dr Slot Casino, they won’t cost you a penny! They will however, be locked at the number of win lines and cost-per-line of your previous paid bet.

Titanic Wins won’t leave you feeling washed up, and is a crash-course in what mobile slots should be like! Join Dr Slot today and take advantage of his shippin’ brilliant welcome bonus offers! Get up to £1,000 in deposit match bonuses and 120 free spins* to get you started on your mobile slots adventure.

*T&Cs apply. 40x wagering on bonus credit.

Dr Slot’s Progressive Jackpot

The occurrence of 5 (five) “JACKPOT” Jackpot symbols on an active win line awards a progressive Jackpot. The progressive Jackpot is available on any bet, with 0.005% of the bet being added to the progressive pot. There is no hidden reserve pot.

When the Jackpot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again. Simultaneous wins can occur, if another player wins the progressive Jackpot then a notification to this effect would occur BEFORE the current player was awarded the Jackpot.

The game Jackpot seed value is £2000, The Jackpot is individual for this game, it is not shared with any other games.

In the event of a communication error after a progressive win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s account. While the game is live, the Jackpots cannot be terminated.

Payout Information and Game Rules

Titanic Wins has a theoretical return to player of 94.21%. This is based on long term playback.

System malfunctions void all payments. Monies are staked in the following order: winnings, player deposits, bonus credit.

Dr Slot general T&Cs apply. Wagering requirements apply to player deposits and any casino bonus offers.

Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-028

Terms & Conditions
Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission
License number : 000-002091-R-104264-028